Who's Attacking Us

The billionaire Koch Brothers and their wealthy corporate CEO allies are funding special interest groups to attack our freedom to stand together and negotiate fair union contracts. Corporate-funded groups like the National Right to Work Foundation, Freedom Foundation, Americans for Prosperity and ALEC promote their agenda with anti-worker Supreme Court cases, legislation in the States and the U.S. Congress, think tanks, lobbyists, political contributions, and most recently, organizers on the ground.

They don’t care about you or your family

Corporate-funded groups like Freedom Foundation couldn’t care less about working people like us. The attack on public employees is part of their larger attempt to silence the voices of all working people. We know that in our powerful economy, even with globalization and automation, there is enough for everyone to live a decent life, but much of the growing disparity in our country comes from unrestrained corporate power. Working people standing together in unions is one of the last checks on corporate power.

They want to privatize our jobs

As public employees, we know that we provide the crucial services that keep our communities running, but the corporate special interests behind this attack want to add to their billions by privatizing our jobs so they can slash wages, health care and pensions, and divert public dollars to pad their pockets.

They aren’t about freedom

These political organizations try to call, email, or even visit you at home to try to mislead you into abandoning your union brothers and sisters. These organizations try to dismantle unions so they are free to push their corporate special interests. However, when we stand together with our colleagues, we have the power to negotiate a fair return on our work that provides us with the real freedom to create a better life for ourselves and our families.

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